You can turn today’s cancer patients into tomorrow’s healthy people.

The best gift you can give is the one that will last a lifetime.
As a result of its work at the end of 12 years, our Association was deemed worthy of the status of “public benefit associations” with the decision numbered 5569 signed by our President on May 12, 2022. Within the scope of this right, it is legally possible to deduct donations made to our Association from the tax base*.
With a monthly donation of 100₺; you can make a child with cancer smile by buying a toy.
With a monthly donation of 150₺; you can support the education expenses of a student with cancer.
With a donation of 250₺ per month; you can gift a hygiene kit (soap, mask, disinfectant) to a cancer patient.

In the light of our ideal of “A Life Without Cancer” that will carry our country to a healthy future, we continue our work with all our hearts, increasing more and more with our supporters and volunteers every day.


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Principle of Compassion

Since 2010, Life Without Cancer Association has been carrying out many projects to improve the treatment conditions of cancer patients and their relatives, to raise awareness and to keep healthy people healthy, regardless of age or mass.
In addition to being audited by the Directorate of Relations with Civil Society under the Ministry of Interior, Life Without Cancer Association is an association that receives independent audits, presents its balance sheets to the public, and has adopted the principle of transparency, where you can access all information on the Open Open Platform.
You can review our independent audit reports and our latest financial statements from the link below.

For EFT/Transfer Donations

Domestic Account Information

Yapı Kredi Bankası TL Hesabı

Hesap Sahibi : Kansersiz Yaşam Derneği 

Hesap No : 93980560 

Hesap Şubesi : 231 – Perşembepazarı 

IBAN : TR93 0006 7010 0000 0093 9805 60 

Overseas Account Information

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Hesap Sahibi: Kansersiz Yaşam Derneği
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Hesap No: 53768020
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IBAN: TR19 0006 7010 0000 0053 7680 20
SWIFT Kodu (Diğer Döviz Cinsleri): YAPITRISFEX