Be A Volunteer

You can take part in the projects, campaigns and events of Life Without Cancer Association as a KAYD Volunteer and contribute to our ideal of “Life Without Cancer is Possible”.
Anyone who adopts the mission and vision of our association and is willing to participate in our work when needed can become a KAYD Volunteer. In addition to providing financial and moral support for cancer patients and their families in need, we can volunteer in our awareness projects aiming to prevent the disease and multiply goodness together.
-KAYD projects volunteer
-Support for the organization phase of events
-Being a child escort at the SmileSen Festival
-Organizing art workshops at the SmileSen Festival
-Organizing sports workshops at the SmileSen Festival
-Categorization and placement of in-kind donations in the Association building
-Packing and shipping the gifts sent to children and families in the association building
-Tutoring for children who fall behind in their studies during illness
-Informing and collecting donations by opening KAYD stands at universities (4381 SMS line)
-Running on behalf of KAYD as our Athlete Angel in marathons, opening campaigns
-Contributing to our awareness by sharing the posts of our Association on social media accounts
We are always open to new ideas and suggestions:)

For detailed information and questions, please contact us at 0850 474 KAYD (5293) or