Science Days

We continue to provide free trainings to kindergarten, primary, middle and high school students and their parents at different levels and subjects by our Scientific Committee consisting of volunteer physicians who are experts in their fields.

Education Topics

Subject (Primary Education): “Let’s wash our hands, protect ourselves from microorganisms!”

Topic (Primary Education): “Healthy Teeth”

Subject (Primary and Secondary Education): “Posture Disorders”

Subject (Secondary and High School): “Our Biggest Organ is the Skin!”

Topic (Secondary and High School ): “If someone in the family gets sick”

Subject (Secondary and High School): “How Healthy Do We Eat?”

Topic (Secondary and High School): “Addiction”

Subject (High school students and parents): “Breast Cancer and Prevention Education”

Subject (Parents): “Communication within the family”

Subject (Students): “Stress and Coping Methods”

A total of 11,500 students benefited from these trainings.