Living Without Cancer

The “I Live Without Cancer” movement was planned to draw attention to the importance of preventing the disease before it is ever caught and to say “health is a choice, life without cancer is possible”. Important figures of social life such as artists, athletes, journalists and business people supported the project.

With the aim of preventing cancer and promoting a healthy lifestyle, the project was prepared with the unconditional contributions of MSD Turkey and the voluntary support of our celebrities, and we emphasized the importance of nutrition, sports and physical movement, morale-motivation, sleep patterns, and a happy life, which are essential for a healthy life.

Our celebrities, who individually contributed to our Life Without Cancer movement, drew attention to healthy living by posing with our children who have struggled with cancer.

They also support our campaign with their “healthy life photos” shared on their social media with the hashtags #gururpozum #living without cancer and invite everyone to give their own “pride pose” on social media.

Names participating in the project:  Berkay Vardar, Dr. Cem Yılmaz, Cemil Dinçmen, Danilo Zanna, Dida Kaymaz, Ece Şirin, Ece Vahapoğlu, Emre Altuğ, Fulya Soybaş, Mehmet Yalçınkaya, Melis Özer, Orkun Ün, Dr. Pelin Erbil, Somer Sivrioğlu, Zeynep Yılmaz.

We would like to thank Muhsin Akgün for taking the photographs of the “I Live Without Cancer” project.