Keeps you alive

Launched in 2014, our specially designed truck, which transforms into a mobile conference hall for 80 people when opened, travels to all four corners of Turkey for the prevention of cancer, the importance of early diagnosis, awareness raising and screening.
During the journeys of YaşaTIR, training and awareness activities are organized to reach cancer patients, especially in regions with limited socio-economic status, and to raise the awareness of people who have not yet met the disease. Healthy life messages are conveyed on the giant LED screen on board.
Turkey’s most important first and only mobile project, YaşaTIR is always ready for its new journeys with our supporters in all areas of health, especially preventive medicine and oncology.


On February 6, 2023, we have been working hand in hand with our supporters since the first day to heal the wounds of all our
citizens affected by the earthquake that devastated 10 provinces. With the rapid organizations we made as of the 2nd day of
the earthquake disaster, we delivered 8 aid trucks to the region until February 21 in line with the priority needs.

#Hope in the Çukur( #ÇukurdaUmutVar (2019-2020)

Produced by Ay Yapım and broadcast on ShowTV, Çukur TV series, which always maintains the first place in the ratings, set out to raise awareness for stem cell and blood donation with the slogan #ÇukurdaUmutVar in cooperation with the Red
Within the scope of the project, more than 1000 citizens in 21 provinces were trained on early diagnosis and healthy life by traveling 6500 km with YaşaTIR. Together with the Red Crescent, more than 2000 blood and stem cells were collected.
The proceeds from the events and the night organized within the scope of the project, in which the actors of the Çukur TV series actively participated, were donated to the Association for Life Without Cancer.

We Are With You in Natural Disasters (2020)
On October 30, 2020, after the earthquake in Izmir, the materials needed by the disaster victims, especially the needs of
cancer patients, were again delivered to Izmir with YaşaTIR.
After the 2021 Elazığ and Malatya Earthquakes, the materials needed by the people were delivered by two YaşaTIR.

Sport keeps you alive(Spor YaşaTIR) (2016)
As “Spor YaşaTIR”, we took part in the sports events organized within the framework of our social responsibility partnership
with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Spor A.Ş. With YaşaTIR and our athlete angels, who were the center of attention
of the marathon, we ran for goodness and health to raise awareness about both sports and social responsibility.

Education keeps you alive(YaşaTIR) (2015)
With the contributions of Cigna Finans, we embarked on a journey with the motto “LIVE LIFE AGAINST CANCER” to raise
awareness of healthy people about prevention of the disease, to raise public awareness about the living conditions that can
cause cancer and to support cancer patients and their relatives. On this journey, we traveled 2400 km with a team of 20
people and reached more than 1000 people in 6 provinces with the presentation of 23 different specialist doctors.

Early Diagnosis keeps you alive(YaşaTIR) (2014)
The first stop of our YaşaTIR, which hit the road to explain the importance of early diagnosis in cancer, was the Mind&Body
Festival, which brings together world-renowned trainers specialized in good and healthy living. For three days, we talked to
the participants of the event with our specialist doctors about ways to prevent and prevent cancer.

Personal Hygiene Training for Seasonal Agricultural Workers keeps you alive(YaşaTIR) (2014)
With our Scientific Committee, we visited the children of nomadic families who are struggling far from hygienic and humane
living conditions on the banks of irrigation canals in Karsavuran and Çiçekli villages in Mersin and Tarsus in the Çukurova
Region. During these visits, we contributed to raising awareness about protection from different infectious diseases, hand
and environmental hygiene, food and water hygiene, and toilet habits.

YaşaTIR has been one of the most awarded projects among social responsibility projects since its inception:

2018 Doktorclub Awards INNOVATIVE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PROJECT OF THE YEAR (voted by 17,000 doctors)
2017 Prime Ministry Civil Society Strong Turkey Education Project FINALIST
2016 Best Business Awards Cigna Finans Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project
2014 Quality Magazine Best Social Responsibility Project of the Year

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