Athlete Angels

Athlete Angels Pursuing Goodness Shoulder to Shoulder

Who are Athlete Angels?
Every amateur or professional athlete who participates in national, international and corporate sports events on behalf of the Life Without Cancer Association is a Sports Angel. Each of them carries the name of one of the children we lost to cancer on the back of their jerseys, and by keeping the names of our children who became Angels alive, they give hope to other children who are still struggling to overcome this disease.
What Do Athlete Angels Do?
Aiming to transform the understanding of healthy and quality life, which is the individual gain of sports, into social sharing in all the sports they participate in, the Athlete Angels participate in national sports events on behalf of the Life Without Cancer Association and all the sportive activities of the Step by Step Platform. The Athlete Angels, who have achieved significant success in Marathons and Dragon Boat Festivals, contribute to the treatment process of many patients as volunteers in addition to the donations they collect.

Athlete Angels’ Achievements and Contributions
Our 21-member rowing team established under the leadership of our KAYD Sportive Committee Chairman Elhan Günay Ülgener is competing in the Dragon Boat Festival.
Awards Received at Dragon Boat Festivals We Participated
2015 Inter-Institutional Dragon Boat Competition Honor Award
September 2016 Inter-institutional Dragon Boat Competition Champion
June 2022 Dragon Festival 3rd place in Sport Category
September 2022 Dragon Festival Champion
September 2022 Dragon Festival Federation Cup
Marathons We Participated in
2022 Istanbul Marathon
2021 Istanbul Marathon – 2021 Istanbul Half Marathon – 2021 Runatalia Marathon
2020 Istanbul Marathon – 2020 Istanbul Half Marathon – 2020 Bosphorus Swimming Race – 2020 Runatalia Marathon
2019 Koç Sports Festival Spring – 2019 Runtalya Marathon
2018 Istanbul Marathon
2017 Istanbul Marathon – 2017 Bozcaada Marathon – 2017 Runtalya Marathon
2016 Istanbul Marathon

Where were the Donations Collected from Marathons Used?

Since 2016, a total of 957 runners have run for us and 1,507,605 TL donations have been collected.
Between 2016 and 2019, with the donations collected from the Istanbul Marathon, Istanbul Half Marathon, Runtalya and Bozcaada marathons, the oncology-hematology service of two public hospitals was restructured and missing materials were supplied.
Between 2020 and 2022, 102 families received annual cash support within the scope of the Family Life Support project with donations collected from the Istanbul Marathon, Istanbul Half Marathon, Runtalya Marathons and Bosphorus Intercontinental Swimming Race.
In the N Kolay Istanbul Marathon held in November 2022, 339,264.00 TL donations were collected and 38 families were supported annually.

How can I become a Sports Angel?
-You can run for our Association in the marathon.
-You can establish your own running team in the marathon and compete on behalf of KAYD.
-You can donate your steps to our Association at Help Steps.
-You can organize volunteer sports teams and help cancer patients in need to do sports.
-You can organize sports activities for children within the scope of the SmileSEN project.
-You can donate on behalf of KAYD Athlete Angel.

Here’s what you need to do to join us for marathons;
– Create a profile as a member of Adım Adım at
– To follow the announcements for the run dates on and our social media accounts
– to register for the marathon you want
– Choosing our project when the projects are opened and running with us
-As soon as the campaigns are launched, you can share your Life Without Cancer Step by Step profile on social media and forward it to your acquaintances via e-mail. It is very valuable for us to raise awareness by sharing videos and photos.


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people ran for us


TL donations collected


regular financial support provided to the family


public hospital restructured