Who Are We

As the Life Without Cancer Association, we organize many charity campaigns, including in-kind and cash donations, to protect cancer patients and to give patients and their families a little breathing space in the face of the difficulties they face.
With the support of our donors, we are working with all our strength to be with cancer patients who do not have financial means.
We reach more and more people every day with our financial and psychological support for hospitalized children with cancer, our morale and motivation activities such as SmileYOU, and our awareness and education projects such as YaşaTIR.
Thank you very much for accompanying us with your support on our journey with the motto “Life Without Cancer is Possible”.

The Best Gift You Can Give is the One That Will Last a Lifetime!

To change the life of a cancer patient:

With the Family Life Support Fund, we have been providing regular financial and in-kind assistance to cancer patients and their families since 2020.



0 M TL

cash aid


shoe and clothing aid


gift toys for children


food aid card

(500 TL – 1000 TL)

Our Projects

We are working to raise awareness from 7 to 70,all over Turkey, to tell everyone that health is a standard of living that can be chosen and to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis.


With our SmileYOU project, which consists of in and out-of-hospital activities for morale, motivation and education, we aim to make children with cancer and their families smile by taking them away from their difficult conditions.

Keeps you alive(YaşaTIR)

Launched in 2014, our specially designed truck, which transforms into a mobile conference hall for 80 people when opened, travels to all four corners of Turkey for the prevention of cancer, the importance of early diagnosis, awareness raising, and screening.

Shopping Festival

Organized since 2014, the Shopping Festivals, which have now become a tradition, attract the attention of the press as one of the most participated events by our people. Famous names from the art and society life also participate in our events featuring top brands and designers.

Family Life Support

As the Life Without Cancer Association, we aim to protect cancer patients and provide them and their families a little breathing space from the difficulties they face. Therefore we are organizing many charity campaigns, including in-kind and cash donations.


Athlete Angels

Every amateur or professional athlete who participates in national, international and corporate sports events on behalf of the Life Without Cancer Association is a Sports Angel. Each of them carries the name of one of the children we lost to cancer on the back of their jerseys, and by keeping the names of our children who became Angels alive, they give hope to other children who are still struggling to overcome this disease.

Our Collaborations and Partners

KAYD, Açık Açık Platformu’na üye bir STK’dır.